About the Business

In order to be able to provide complex services to livestock farms, Kauno Grūdai started from 2008 to trade in veterinary preparations designed for all sorts of animals. Currently the Veterinary Pharmacy Business operates as an autonomous business.

We are the biggest producer of combined fodder and supply to the largest bird establishments in Lithuania, therefore we believe that it is so important to have veterinary specialists able to offer solutions along with our fodder, such as how to prevent sicknesses, what kind of treatment should be applied and which sort of medication should be used.

The Veterinary Pharmacy Business provides the following services:

  • Professional consultations by veterinarians
  • Customer-friendly pricing and comfortable terms of settlement
  • Efficient implementation of orders
  • Informing our customers individually regarding the innovations of the market
  • Regular seminars intended for the solution of important issues
  • Ultimately close cooperation
  • Services of disinfection, deratisation and desinsection
The Veterinary Pharmacy Business cooperates with major producers of pharmacy preparations; thus we are able to guarantee both qualified consultations and the highest-quality veterinary preparations. 
Our business partners include the biggest and most well-known veterinary preparation producers such as MERIAL, MSD, KRKA, Abic, Zoetis, Virbac, Interchemie and more.
The Veterinary Pharmacy Business trades in the following preparations:
  • Vaccines for production and companion animals
  • Antimicrobial and antibacterial products.
  • Hormones
  • Antiparasitic preparations for production and companion animals
  • Pet care products
  • Milk replacerr
  • Veterinary instruments
  • Professional consultations by veterinarians
Trading in veterinary preparations is carried out in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and Poland.