About the Business

Kauno Grudai has added new business branches to the existing ones seeking to expand the business and satisfy as many needs of the consumers as possible, when the company was implementing the vertical integration strategy.

In 2010, the company started the production of instant noodles and in 2011, production capacities were expanded by opening a new plant in Kedainiai. This plant is the only producer of instant noodles in the Baltic States region with the capacity of up to 84 million packages of instant noodles per year.
Packing instant noodles into cups was started at the beginning of 2013 after introducing new technologies. The capacity of the equipment is 12 million cups per year.
The capacities of the plant will be further developed in the nearest future. The majority of production is already being exported to Western Europe and Scandinavian countries. We are cooperating with recognized distributors and largest retail chains.
Participation in exhibitions and consulting with world-wide recognized specialists deepens our knowledge so that our customers would receive top-quality products.
Meeting the expectations of the customers is our priority and we adapt to their individual needs promptly and flexibly.
We have HALAL certificate which is valid for all Muslim and Arab countries, also for Muslim communities living in Europe and other countries.
At the end of 2013 a new production line was installed in factory which is located in Kedainiai. New line allows packing of instant noodles, porridge and flakes into plastic cups. This led to the possibility of developing not only new products but also new brands.
Instant Noodle Factory is capable of supporting customers with required specification of new products. We will:
Adjust flavors to meet taste requirements.
Provide various packages choices. Standard Pack with standard carton bag with 30 or 90 bags. 
Multi Pack 4, 5, 6, 10 with 112, 120, 108, 100 carton bags. 
Optional Pack - packing according to customer's demand.
Customize order conditions.
Quote reasonable prices.